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sad robots : songs about androids

» a mix for the robot boy who’s just self-aware enough to know that he’s broken.

01. one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 - the flaming lips / 02. robot rock - daft punk / 03. i am not young and beautiful - marina & the diamonds/lana del rey / 04. paranoid android - radiohead / 05. sad robots - stars / 06. the body electric - rush / 07. human after all - daft punk / 08. robots - flight of the conchords / 09. machine - regina spektor / 10. mechanical man - devo / 11. sad robot - pornophonique / 12. robot boy - the ghost of a saber tooth tiger 13. cyborgs vs robots - ludo / 14. still alive - jonathan coulton / 15. robots - dan mangan

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Glitter is an obstruction of fashionable justice. 

Any violators of using this horrid creation will be prosecuted by the judgement of my fists.

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There’s something fishy in the air, and it doesn’t smell like fish.

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